February 27, 2024

The Power of Your Website Design + Business Plan

And How To Get More Out Of Both

I understand why most people resort to crafting a business plan as their first step.

Whether they are starting a new business.

Or trying to grow their existing business.

However, I’ve never seen a business plan generate a lead or a customer. Which is what every business needs in order to get started and in order to grow.

But I still think it’s really important to go through the exercise of creating a business plan.


Because it forces you to answer the important questions.

So you can either choose to postpone (ahem procrastinate) the real work of actually creating, selling and serving… which means postponing cash flow.


You can get straight into that work without any planning… but then you find that you’re flying blind.

So… what if I told you there were a better way?

A way that, when you were done with your business plan, it actually DID start bringing you leads and customers (and cash flow)?

Because that is EXACTLY the power your website holds.

If you use your website as the canvas to paint out your business plan in real time, you will get more out of both your website AND your business plan.

Your Website Design Business Plan

Continue reading to discover my 3-step framework to transform your website into a lead-generating machine. Discover why prioritizing your website design over a business plan can lead to more opportunity, customers, and profits.

And no, I’m not just talking about the template you pick, or the fonts & colors you choose.

I’m talking about the critical few pieces of your website that you must put in place on purpose if you want more leads & clients from your site.

Plus, at the end, I share a link to get my best playbook guaranteed to double or triple the lead flow from your website & social media traffic by this time next week.

Ready to dive in?

Because you are about to uncover why the website is ALWAYS the first place I start when helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Unraveling the Website vs. Business Plan First Framework

As a seasoned marketing strategist, I’ve personally worked with more than 240+ businesses on their websites & marketing campaigns. In this video, I break down the 4-part framework I’ve discovered unlocks more leads & clients from your business plan. Plus, you can use the same framework to build a new site or improve your current website.

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Understanding the Core Elements: Market, Problem, Process, Results

At the heart of any successful business lies an understanding of three fundamental components: the market, the problem, and the process. These elements are not only critical to crafting a clear business plan but also pivotal in shaping an effective website strategy.

So why not feed two birds with one scone and tackle both at the same time…

Your Business Plan AND Your Website.

Because once you are clear on those first 3 concepts, it will be obvious if your business can generate the kinds of results for both you & your clients, to not just survive… but to grow & thrive!

1. Market Analysis: Identifying Your Target Audience

Your market encompasses the individuals or demographics you aim to serve.

By getting specific about WHO you help, akin to Facebook’s initial focus on Ivy League college students, you can easily tailor your offer and you’ll find it much easier to connect and sell your products & services.

2. Problem Definition: Unveiling Customer Pain Points

Get obsessed with PROBLEMS.

While I have much respect for The Notorious B.I.G. I don’t think we should focus on “Mo money. Mo problems.”

Instead, I’ve discovered…

“Mo problems = Mo money”

In other words… the entrepreneurs that get really good at solving more problems for their audience make more money.

A LOT more.

3. Process Differentiation: Articulating Your Unique Approach

What makes you different?

Why should someone choose your business over another?

Usually it comes down to not just WHAT you deliver, but HOW you deliver it.

Your process.

Your unique process.

Outline a clear process how your business tackles customer pain points. By communicating your point of view and your specific methodology, you establish credibility and separate yourself in a crowded marketplace, fostering trust and confidence among potential customers.

4. Result$ Are The Only Thing That Matter

If you’ve nailed the first 3 things (your market, with a specific problem, and a specific process to solve that problem), the byproduct should be some highly valuable results.

Results in the form of revenue on your businesses P&L.

And results in the form of what your clients get from paying you for your products & services.

Ultimately, the best businesses are those that create the most value in the market. And value is measured in dollars & cents… in profits for your business… and in the results you create for your clients.

Translating Business Model into Website Strategy

Your business model is your blueprint for success, outlining market insights, problem-solving strategies, and operational processes. Aligning your website with this model ensures your messaging is clear and connects with your ideal customers in the market, driving conversions and revenue.

In other words…

Clarify your business model…

…communicate it through your website

…and you’ll get more leads & customers.

2-Minute Tactic: Implementing the “I Help” Framework

Adopt the “I help” framework to quickly & simply communicate your value proposition on your website.

By articulating who you serve, the results you deliver, and the process you employ, you’ll engage visitors and compel them into action, propelling your business forward.

What is the “I Help” Framework?

Simply fill in the blanks to come up with your “I Help” statement:

I help _______ get _______ with ________.


I help [ideal client] get [result] with [product/service].

This is a great place to start.

Take 2 minutes right now and brainstorm your first version of your own “I Help” statement. Bonus points if you add this to your website (on your About page or on your Home page above the fold are great places to put this).

Your Next Steps: Prioritizing Website Optimization

Harness the power of your website to propel your business towards success.

Implementing actionable strategies, such as the “I help” framework, can yield tangible results in terms of lead generation and customer acquisition.

Want my best playbook for getting more qualified leads & sales from your website & social media? Download my exact strategy for free here: get.buildwithgrowthmap.com/fto

It’s my Fly Trap Offer Builder™ and it’s the fastest way to double or triple your lead flow by this time next week.

As you continue making your plans, remember that your website serves as your most potent asset.

It is THE thing that has the potential to generate more opportunity inside your business than anything else.

By prioritizing website optimization and aligning it with your business model, you pave the way for sustained success and profitability.

Now go get after it.

It’s time to tackle that website design business plan.

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